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Introduction to Yusing Co. Ltd.

Hello! Hope you are in good health. How about the start of this year? I strongly pray for your great coming days!
I want to introduce you with a great company which deals with various aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering such as design and implementation of industrial plant, installation of heavy equipment and robots, and produces plasma generators for versatile use. I think you already know the name and you are very few steps away from your prosperity through this company. Yes, it's Yusing Co. Ltd. 
It is surrounded by tea gardens at Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Mount Fuji and the Pacific Ocean are visible from its office. Yusing company is grateful to its customers who contribute its remarkable growth. 
Other than installation and repair of industrial machinery, the company produces sophisticated plasma generators which increase the efficiency in painting (used by famous automobile makers). Yusing is proud to be a success partner of the world famous automakers.
Filter less ultra-fine particle collection device of Yusing successfully cleans the airborne particles and improves sanitation of the production unit where it is used. It also produces portable plasma generators, environmental friendly agricultural tool to control pests and to improve crop quality. The generator produces 90kV current and can be operated by AA batteries. Its industrially compatible plasma can increase the tensile adhesion strength of seal and paint. 
Yusing provides engineering services and factory automation as well as produces and develops equipment according to its client's requirements. It educates its clients about safety of plasma. It also produces wireless high voltage meter for automatic machine-zone. It provides concept planning of quote for free. Research specialist of Yusing presents articles in the conferences of the Japanese society of plasma and related academic societies.

Yusing controls and maintains high quality of product through:
1. Testing of performance of product for a long time and releasing a product after receiving certification from the concern authority. That is Yusing has patented its products.
2. Providing related services according to agreement, laws and standards.
3. Monitoring performance of its sold products to maintain the product's best quality through continuous version modification.

Aim of Yusing:
1. It follows the laws and norms of industrial policy as well as frequently measures its product's exact impact on environment and study economic feasibility. It does not harm the environment.
2. As a rule of Japanese government, Yusing promotes; energy conservation, and recycling, suppression and separation of wastes. It is establishing the management system of hazardous substances.

Yusing understands your thought and requirements of establishing efficient and sustainable productive industry, and waits patiently for contact from the Arctic to Antarctic regions.

Amanullah Khan Eusuf Zai
Ph.D. in Agricultural Science
Department of Research and Development
Yusing Co. Ltd.

Mount Fuji (photo taken from Yusing headquarters)